“Allison is a unique soul.”

“Allison is a unique soul. Having worked with her on many occasions for myself and my family I can tell you she is the real deal. Her Intuition is spot on. I have never been disappointed. Allison’s creativity and artistic spark always put a special twist in our sessions. I am thrilled that she is finally sharing her talents and gifts With the rest of the world.” -Catherine W


“The past few years...have been a rollercoaster...”

“The past few years of my life have been a bit of a rollercoaster health wise. Even with doctor appointments scattered here and specialists offices scattered there, guesses left me scrambling for answers.

What I realized is, health and wellness are essentially like a big puzzle. I like to imagine this puzzle laid out on the floor before me. Each piece certainly has its place and fits where it needs to go. However, in my puzzle, there was empty spot right in the middle. What filled it? Energy healing." -Jessica

"Working with Allison has been amazing so far. Not only has she helped open some of my “one way only” thinking, she has suggested helpful supplements, and even offered tips to help me start sleeping again.


Saying I highly recommend her is a huge understatement. This is more of a “do yourself a favor and just try it” recommendation. Because she is so kind, genuine, and is a mom like me, I decided to make Allison a part of my health and wellness team. Hooray!
My puzzle is complete! “ -Jessica